Standing outside in the rain.image86
Tears are falling down my cheek.
Only I can feel the pain.
Why did God make me so weak.

Baby I feel so cliché right now.
Like something seen on Ricki Lake.
But still I can´t help but wondering how.
Something so real could be so fake.

After a while I'll be able to stand
Searching deep within to find the force.
Feel your blood over my hand.
Never looking back with remorse.

Maybe I'll rise out through the flames
Won't let my heart spinn like a carusell.
Im done being nice and playing games
Baby, Im gonna make your life living hell.

©Nathalie -07

NP: Heart - Alone ( How do I get you)

Postat av: Katti

Du skriver bra Nathalie.

2007-06-18 @ 21:26:08

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